New App and Giveaway! 3 WINNERS!


Here are the winners of the Limited Cue App!  Please email Dr. Golden at for the code for download.  Congratulations! The good people from Limited Cue have another great app that we would like to share with our readers!  And of course we are going to choose 3 of our subscribers […]

Morning Routine in the Classroom

Morning Routine

Routines are good for students with any type of special need.  In fact routine is good for anyone…adults included.  Remember that independence is important and establishing routine through the use of visual supports is one way to do this. Here is a good little poster that you could use for your classroom: Enlarge this and […]

Social Story:”When I get Angry”

Social Story:”When I get Angry”

We are trying out a new kind of presentation program.  As you watch the embedded presentation on Social Skills below – click the forward arrow to take you through the presentation.  After viewing it you can download the PDF versions of the social story at the bottom.  Using Social Stories: “When you are Angry” on […]

Social Story: Learning to Relax

Learning to Relax

Learning to relax is difficult for most of us and it is most certainly difficult in a time of behavioral crisis.  Children with Autism get angry along with every other child.  But children with autism and other types of developmental disabilities have a more difficult time processing WHAT is making them angry and HOW to deal with the […]

Music Social Story

music area

Music is universal.  I don’t know of many children who do not love music.  If you have browsed the Creative Arts page you know that we think music should be an important part of every child’s educational day.   Here is a photo of a music area in a classroom.     There are visuals posted on the shelf with […]

Workbox Time Social Story

Here is a great social story about workbox time. The story can be enlarged and placed above the bookcase where the workboxes are stored. It can also be printed on cardstock, laminated and used for individual students. It is simple, positive, uses words along with visual symbols and contains all of the behavioral expectations that […]