Bulletin Board Idea: “What do I do if ________”

What do I do

Here is a new bulletin board idea.  This would work great for a Special Education classroom that focuses on Social skills or Emotional Behavioral disorders or even intellectual disabilities.  This one is good as a teaching board — use it to teach students to not only recognize facial expressions but also what they can do […]

Bulletin Board — Summer Time Plans

Things I Can Do This Summer

This will probably be the last bulletin board/teaching board that you have to do before Summer break!  After you do a dance of joy I’ll show you what you need to do. What you don’t want to do is to keep the February board up until June.  You need to change it and use this […]

Bulletin Board Idea: “When I Graduate_____”

Graduate Boy

We all want our students to graduate.  Regardless of the significance of their disabilities right?  It provides them with a sense of accomplishment in addition to a feeling of closure of one part of their life. We are providing you with this bulletin board idea to begin instilling the hope of a future for our […]