Taskbox Tools!

Workboxes!!  We love them in the classroom — they are Great for the students. They are easy for the students to use and they are great for teaching!


Even though we all know that visual supports are extremely important in creating their structure — we hate doing it.

Do you have time to stage each step involved in completing a workbox/taskbox and taking photos of each one?  Do you have time to match the task to IEP goals or the skills from a progress monitoring tool (such as the ABLLS-R)?  Do you have time to figure out what you need to put in the box and code it so that you can keep the boxes organized?  And do your students tend to do the same boxes over and over because you can not keep up with which ones they have mastered and which ones they still need to do?

We know that they answer is NO to everyone of those questions.  So?  We have developed something to help.

Introducing Taskbox Tools!

Workbox Ebook


What is it?  It is a printable booklet with all of the visual supports – list of materials – instructions – organizers to create a Taskbox based on a skill that your students need to know.  Do you want to see some samples of what is included?

Here is a sample of the Table of Contents from Taskbox Tools 1A:



As you can see there are so many things included in each of the Taskbox books.  Each book contains all of the visuals and organizers that you need to create a workbox.  The page below shows you an example of what the materials page looks like:

MaterialsAs you can see the materials for the taskbox are easily accessible!  They are available from your local big box store (Walmart), discount store (Dollar Tree), office supply store, hardware store, your own home or even your classroom!  And the materials cost will range from FREE to only a couple of dollars (max).  Alot of times the materials will be recycled materials used in new creative ways.

Next are some of the visual supports that we include.  To make it Super Duper easy – we have included 2 sided Taskcards for you to print – laminate and use with the Taskbox.  This creates instant visual structure without you have to drag out the camera – stage each step – take the photos and create them yourself.  And as you see below….they are cute!


The front side will have directions for each step – written for the teacher.  As you see below the back side of the Step Cards includes Photos that create structure to the task so that the students will understand what is being expected of them and to encourage independent functioning. cards 2

Just print on cardstock- cut out and laminate.

As you can see below that each of the Taskboxes correspond to an ABLLS-R skill.  Our first book 1A corresponds to:

ABLLSThis makes it really easy to make use of the Taskboxes in the classroom without them becoming “busy work” for the students.

We’ve also included a Taskbox list that you can use per student so that you can keep up with which box they are introduced to, which ones they have mastered and which they should work on for the day.

student list

So, visit our Store and download the first in a series of Taskbox Tools. Just create 1 box at a time and soon you will have a top-notch Taskbox area for your classroom OR for your homeschool that will perfectly fit into your the academic part of the student’s day.



  1. Michelle says:

    I really like this wondering when more will be coming??

  2. Yes, please keep us updated on when you will add more.

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